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What Does It Mean to Live a Holy Life?


As an experiment, the great scientist Isaac Newton stared at the image of the Sun reflected in a mirror. The brightness burned into his retina, and he suffered temporary blindness. Even after he hid for three days behind closed shutters, still the bright spot would not fade from his vision.  He said - "I used all means to divert...

How to Love God Even When You Don’t Feel Like It


 Transcript: We all have dreams and desires. For example, I would love to travel most of Europe, see the Grand Canyon, Write a best selling book and raise a great family. I also have a deep desire to be close to God, but sometimes that desire gets pushed to the way side because of the other more tangible things in my...

How to Help Kids with Anxiety [video]


I know what it is like to be an anxious kid. I know what it is like to have an anxious kid. Sadly, anxiety doesn't discriminate based on age. Even a small child can be plagued by feelings of worry, fear, or panic. Recently, my sweet six-year-old niece dealt with the paralyzing fear of spiders in her bed at night....

God Does Not Change: 3 Responses in Light of an Unchanging God


Everything Changes Everything around us changes, think about it: seasons change, weather changes, jobs change, people change, heroes change, our leaders changes. Simply, everything changes. To be honest with you, I am kind of a "Change" junkie. I like to move around the furniture, find new ways to tweak my everyday norm, or even find ways to visit new places all...

Who You Be: Knowing Your Identity in Christ


  Here are some other resources that may be helpful as you journey to know your identity in Christ: "Who Do You Think You Are?" by Mark Driscoll Who Do You Think You Are? is an exploration of the issue of identity and an encouraging examination of what it means to be “in Christ.” Pastor Mark takes the book of Ephesians and applies it...

What You May Be Missing In your Prayer Life


Do you know about the guy named Asaph in the Old Testament who truly shared with God what was on his mind? Asaph was a temple worship leader. He must have had a great voice in addition to his good lineage because he was elected to the lead-singer position. He did his job well and was influential. Some of the...

4 Ways to Make Your Time With God More Effective


We all have a desire to leave our mark on this world. We want to our life to count for more than just taking up space on earth. We want families to love us, our friends to be impacted by a heritage and us to be left after our last breath. I'll never forget one of the greatest quotes I...

How to Improve Self Image through Awe of God


Do you remember the first time you rode a roller coaster, saw the mountains, kissed another person, ate the best burger, held your child? There is an AWE in first experiences. They sweep you away with emotion and you swear your life will never be the same. I want you to imagine for a moment feeling that same kind...